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SpectroMagic is an evening parade presented semi-nightlyat Disney’s Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort.

Produced by longtime Disney Show Producer Ron Logan, it is similar to the Main Street Electrical Parade, which was its predecessor. The parade incorporates elaborate, brightly lit floats, a musical score, and many sound effects. The floats are populated with Disney characters and represent scenes from Disney’s movies and short films.

The main theme for SpectroMagic (“On This Magic Night”) was composed by movie composer John Debney. Together with Steve Skorija, he arranged music by Disney composers into a 14-minute suite. It is the only parade in Disney history to be in 3/4 time.

Original run: October 1, 1991 – May 21, 1999
Second run: April 2, 2001 – present
Show duration: 20 minutes
Total number of batteries: 948
Battery type: 75 tons of deep-cycle batteries
Fiber-optic strands: over 100 miles
Miniature lights: 600,000
Miniature light colors: 11 (including clear)
Speakers: 204
Speaker power: 72,000 watts
Speaker batteries: 112

Parade Units:
Entrance Unit with Trumpeters
Title Unit heralding SpectroMagic
Spectro-Men on Whirly-balls (4 pods)
Mickey Unit
Music Unit (3 units hitched)
Sleeping Beauty Garden Unit 1 (Peacock)
Sleeping Beauty Garden Unit 2
Sleeping Beauty Garden Unit 3 (Waterfall on back)
Giant Fish Unit
Bubble Fish Unit (3 units hitched)
Ursula Unit (1 pod)
Little Mermaid Unit (3 units hitched)
Whirly Fish (2 pods)
Fantasia Opening Unit with Spinning Hippo
Baracus Unit (Fountain with Ostrich’s)
Diana Unit (3 units hitched)(Flying horses)
Chernabog Unit
First Finale Unit (3 units hitched)
Carousel Unit
Second Finale Unit (3 units hitched)

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